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Green Mountain Audio Continuum 1.5 Speakers

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For sale, we have a rare pair of Green Mountain Audio Continuum 1.5 Speakers. Made by Roy Johnson of Green Mountain audio these speakers feature a sealed woofer cabinet with brand new Audax 10" PRZ240Z0 woofers sourced from France. 



Drivers: 10” woofer, 4.5” mid, 28mm tweeter
Type: Sealed box design with minimum baffle (to minimize reflections)
Response: less than +/- 1.5dB across spectrum @ listening position
-3dB at 38Hz & 23KHz in med. room
-3dB at 42Hz & 23KHz in large room
Horizontal Dispersion: > 120 degrees through 7KHz (-3dB)
Dist: < 0.3% THD & IMD at 80Hz @ 95dB SPL
< 0.5% below 80Hz
Rise/Fall Time: < 0.015mS each
Phase Shift: +10 degrees @ 150Hz
-10 degrees @ 8KHz
+/- 1 degree 250Hz – 6KHz
Sens: 89dB/1m/1W
Matching : +/- 0.25dB 140Hz – 10KHz
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Dynamic Range: > 110dB/pair @ 2m
Woofer compression: 105dB SPL
Xover Type: single-element, 1st order (6dB/oct) parallel Butterworth electrical & acoustical
Xover Freq: 350Hz & 3KHz
Polarity: Non-inverting
Power Requirements: 12-250W. Peaks to be held < 130W
Weight: approx. 70lbs/unit
Dim: 46.75”H, 12.375” W, 14.375” D